Discover the depths of God's goodness, grace,
and joy — step by step


Journeying with Jesus is an adventure. There are times it’s thrilling and exciting. And sometimes, it’s just hard and exhausting.

Wherever you are in the journey, we want to travel with you. We want to share things we’ve learned (and are learning) as together we navigate rough terrain and experience the thrill of adventure.

Let's journey together!

~ Bill & Kim

Our Mission

We want to travel with you as you journey deeper into the heart of Father God. We’d love to share what we’ve learned and as we help you discover expansive freedom, and the depths of God’s goodness, grace and joy by teaching you to:


Shift Your

Reject lies and embrace truth as you set your compass on the heart of the Father


Prepare Your

Gear up for your journey through prayer, studying the Bible and soaking in His Presence



Learn how to intentionally follow Jesus as you apply truth to your everyday lives


Be a

Seek out ways to help others discover expansive freedom, God’s goodness, grace and joy through mentoring and discipleship

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