The Complaining Cure

This book contains the cure for complaining.
Buy it. Read it. Change your life!

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Do you often grumble, whine and criticize people, situations and ideas?
Then authors Bill and Kim Wahl have a message for you: there is a cure for complaining.

In The Complaining Cure, Bill and Kim Wahl invite you to join them on their ongoing journey with Holy Spirit to uproot pockets of complaining and criticism and find abundant joy. As they share their stories, you'll discover practical tools and wisdom to help you become more aware of your thoughts and the words you speak. By following God's instruction in Philippians 2:14, "Do everything without grumbling or complaining," taking part in the Complaining Challenge, and applying the authors' practical suggestions, this book will help you:

  • become more aware of your thoughts and words
  • develop a new attitude
  • find freedom from negativity

The book contains the cure for complaining. Put these principles into practice, take The Challenge and your life will be better!

Available by paperback, Audible and Kindle versions.

"Bill and Kim Wahl are two of the most effective and authentic leaders we’ve ever met. They’ve combined their wit, wisdom and Biblical insights to craft a modern masterpiece in their new book, The Complaining Cure. We love this book, and we genuinely believe this book has the potential to change your life, because it will help you change your mindset. In a world of negativity and darkness, we are called to be the light. This book crafts a powerful and practical plan to help you let go of the baggage of negativity and embrace the freedom, joy and peace that comes with God’s plan."

 -Dave and Ashley Willis,  Authors, Speakers, and Podcasters for MarriageToday.