The Complaining Challenge Day 1

Sunday: November 12

Today’s the day. Today, we commit to abstaining from complaining for the next 7 days. We are choosing not to complain, grumble, fuss, gripe, growl, criticize, find fault, blame, or express discontent, disgust, annoyance or frustration about anything or anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, statements such as: I don’t like… I wish… I can’t wait until… I’m so tired of… They make me… If only… Why do they… and anything else that sounds like this!

No subject is off limits. There are no exceptions. Not about our husband. Wife. Ex. Kids. Family. Co-workers. Job. Income. Neighbors. Church. Leadership. Our hair, body, size or weight. Shoes or clothes. Food. House. Laundry. Dishes. Snow. Rain. Government. Finances. People. Places. Things. Stuff. Or, any decisions made by anyone, anywhere at any time. Just to name a few things.

We will not THINK it. We will not SAY it. And, if we do – we choose to immediately stop, confess and repent, asking Jesus to change our hearts. We ask Him to show us His fingerprints in the situation. The good. The promise. The blessing. We ask Him to shift our perspective. We ask Him to reveal the root of that complaint.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is impossible. On your own, absolutely it is! BUT – with God, all things are possible! God would never instruct us to do something with expectations of our doing it alone. He is fully prepared and equipped to help us remove complaining, criticizing and arguing from our language. Not only is He prepared – He wants to help. He is setting us up for success!

But also understand, this is a process. If you complain, criticize or argue at any point during this Challenge, you are NOT a failure. Don’t quit. Regroup. Learn. And, move on.

If we’re going to make this journey – we may as well get the most out of it we possibly can!

So here’s how you can make the most of this Challenge:

  1. Pray. Talk to Father God about your thoughts, attitudes and words. Ask Jesus for help. Ask Holy Spirit for strength. Invite Him into every aspect of this adventure. It will make all the difference!
  2. Read each day’s devotional. This is necessary for success!
  3. Meditate on the Scriptures included in the devotional. Don’t just read them. Soak in them. Turn them over in your mind. Look at them from all angles. Ask Holy Spirit for revelation. What do they mean to you personally? How do they apply to your life? How do your current actions line up with that Truth? What would it look like to live this Truth out? How would your life change if you applied this Truth?
  4. Journal. Ask God to speak to you and write down what He is saying to you through the devotional. Through the verses you meditate on. The insights Holy Spirit is giving you. Be as detailed as you can be. No matter how profound the revelation – you will forget it. Writing it down will insure you have it for future reference and reflection.
  5. Daily ask yourself the Reflection Questions. These are listed at the bottom of this blog. Each night, ask yourself these questions and WRITE THE ANSWER DOWN in your journal. Be honest and you’ll be amazed!
  6. Get a partner. Accountability is key. Find someone to journey with. Don’t get a “yes man”. That won’t do you any good. Connect with someone who is brutally – but lovingly – honest with you. Someone you can be brutally – but lovingly –  honest with. Someone who will encourage you, support you and cheer you on.

If you’ll step into the challenge with a desire to experience life-long change, not just doing a 7-day-event, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Change your marriage. Change your family dynamics. Change your kids. Job. Relationships. Everything. But you actually have to do these 6 steps for change to occur.

So, start here: read Philippians 2:14 and James 5:9. Meditate on them and journal what God is saying to you and what you’d like to accomplish during this challenge.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t heard this message on complaining, I highly recommend you listen. Not only is it a great way to jump start the Challenge, but I’ll make references to things said there throughout. You can listen by going to: 

Reflection Questions

At the end of your day, reflect and ask yourself…

  1. Did I complain, criticize or argue today?Give details. About who or what? To who? When? Where?
  1. Did I think thoughts that were complaining, critical or argumentative today? Give details. About? What started my mind on that path?
  1. How did I handle these thoughts? Did I run with them? Did I repent and take them captive?
  1. Did I make an excuse or justify complaining, critical or argumentative thoughts or words?


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  1. I can’t ever remember being challenged by something that is so important to me as a leader. Thanks for starting this challenge. Can’t wait to hear the message.

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  2. Some hip-cups but I kept
    control of my tongue. Held on to all the messages in this series. Carefully chose what to say and what not to say. Heavy sigh… till tomorrow.

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